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Food menu

    • Salad

    • K’s Salad

      150 CZK

      Tri coloured bell peppers, pineapple slices & Chicken Tikka in homemade
      spices & sauce

    • Soups

    • Tomato Shorba

      90 CZK

      Tomato broth in Indian herbs & a hint of cream

    • Mulligatawny Shorba

      90 CZK

      Red lentil soup infused with apple, coconut & fresh curry leaves

    • Badami Murgh Shorba

      90 CZK

      Rich chicken broth flavoured with almond and herbs

    • Starters

    • K’s Signature Chaat

      120 CZK

      Deep fried spinach leaves topped with a trio of tangy sauces and spices

    • Murgh Kathi Roll

      170 CZK

      Fried Indian bread roll stuffed with Chicken Tikka & herbs

    • Amritsari Macchi

      170 CZK

      Lightly battered & spiced fried fish

    • Hara Bhara Kebab

      120 CZK

      Shallow fried spinach and potato patty flavoured with Indian herbs & nuts

    • Mushroom Kurkure

      120 CZK

      Deep fried fresh button mushrooms coated in light batter stuffed with
      cheese & nuts

    • Dahi Ke Kebab

      120 CZK

      Battered bread stuffed with a delicious mix of hung yoghurt, cheese & nuts

    • Paneer Shaslik Tikka

      200 CZK

      Roasted cottage cheese cubes & peppers infused with Indian herbs & yoghurt
      cooked in the clay oven

    • Aloo Palak ki Tikki

      180 CZK

      Shallow Fry Potatoes and Spinach Patty Stuff with Cheese

    • Vegetable Samosa (2 Pcs)

      110 CZK

      Deep fried pastry stuffed with potatoes & peas accompanied with chickpeas

    • Onion Bhaji (4 Pcs)

      110 CZK

      Deep fried onion & gram flour dumplings served on Poori

    • Masala Papad

      50 CZK

      Lentil poppadum with a generous topping of onions, tomatoes & chaat masala

    • Beetroot Kebab

      120 CZK

      Deep fry Beetroot and Potatoes Patty flavored with Cardamom

    • Anda Roll Maal

      120 CZK

      Fried Indian bread roll coated in egg & herbs

    • Tandoori Specialties (Non - Vegetarian)

    • Malai Chicken

      230 CZK

      Roast morsels of chicken marinated in yoghurt, cashew nut paste & cheese

    • Tandoori Chicken

      230 CZK

      Roast chicken on the bone marinated overnight in yoghurt & house spices

    • Bhatti Ka Murgh

      230 CZK

      Tender chicken marinated overnight in herbs & spices cooked in clay oven

    • Kasturi Kebab

      210 CZK

      Tender roast chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, fenugreek, spinach &

    • Lamb Seekh Kebab

      230 CZK

      Minced lamb skewers marinated in herbs & roasted in the Tandoor

    • “K” Signature Platter

      390 CZK

      An assortment of Tandoori Chicken, Seekh Kebab, Kasturi Kebab & Malai Chicken served on a sizzling platter

    • Lehsuni Murgh Tikka

      250 CZK

      Tender Roast Chicken Pieces Marinated in Yogurt and Garlic

    • Curry Specialties (Non – Vegetarian)

    • Butter Chicken

      260 CZK

      Morsels of Chicken Tikka slow cooked in a creamy tomato & cashew gravy

    • Chicken Tikka Masala

      260 CZK

      Chicken Tikka cooked in rich tomato & butter gravy

    • Methi Malai Chicken

      260 CZK

      Chicken morsels infused with fenugreek leaves in a rich creamy cashew gravy

    • Kadhai Chicken

      260 CZK

      Chicken tossed with bell peppers & onions cooked in a thick tomato sauce

    • Zafrani Chicken Korma

      260 CZK

      Chicken cooked with cashew nuts & poppy seeds in a rich, flavoursome sauce

    • Chicken Saag

      260 CZK

      Tender chunks of chicken cooked with Indian spices in a spinach gravy

    • Traditional Chicken Curry

      260 CZK

      Chicken cooked in a very aromatic & flavoursome tomato & onion gravy

    • Lamb Rogan Josh

      310 CZK

      Lamb chunks cooked in onion & tomato gravy flavoured by Kashmiri herbs & spices

    • Lamb Dahi Wala

      310 CZK

      Lamb chunks marinated in yoghurt cooked in a rich aromatic tomato & yoghurt gravy.

    • Reshmi Keema Mutter

      310 CZK

      Lamb mince mixed with green peas & cooked in house spices

    • Malabari Fish Curry

      310 CZK

      Coconut flavoured fish chunks infused with South Indian spices cooked in onion & tomato gravy

    • Prawn Curry

      310 CZK

      Tiger prawns cooked in a rich cashew & coconut gravy

    • Bhuna gosht

      310 CZK

      Roasted lamp in pot flavoured with ground spices in a thick gravy.

    • Achaari Gosht

      310 CZK

      Lamb Cooked in picked Flavoured sauce

    • Curry Specialties (Vegetarian)

    • Dal Makhani

      230 CZK

      Black lentils cooked overnight in the Tandoor finished with tomato sauce & cream

    • Kadhai Paneer

      230 CZK

      Cottage cheese tossed with bell peppers in a thick & tangy tomato gravy

    • Malai Kofta

      230 CZK

      Cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with nuts & saffron in a rich, creamy sauce

    • Pindi Chane Khade Masale Ke

      230 CZK

      Chickpeas cooked in a lightly spiced mélange of pomegranate seeds & fenugreek leaves

    • Subz Panchrattan

      230 CZK

      Diced vegetables cooked in a thick Indian herb & spice mix

    • Burani Bharta

      230 CZK

      Roast eggplant mashed & cooked in house spices with green peas

    • Palak Paneer

      230 CZK

      Cottage cheese cooked in creamy spinach gravy

    • Mushroom Matar

      230 CZK

      Mushroom & Peas cooked in rich tomato & onion gravy

    • "K" Special Egg Curry

      290 CZK

      Hard bolied eggs in rich peanuts sauce

    • Rice Specialties

    • Plain Rice

      80 CZK

      Plain Steamed basmati rice

    • Kacche Gosht Ki Biryani

      350 CZK

      Rice slow cooked with chunks of lamb & flavoured with an aromatic blend of saffron, mint, nuts & rose water served with Raita & fried egg on top

    • Murgh Biryani

      290 CZK

      Rice slow cooked with chunks of chicken & flavoured with an aromatic blend of saffron, mint, nuts & rose water served with Raita

    • Vegetable Pulao

      150 CZK

      Rice sautéed with diced vegetable & herbs flavoured with Indian spices

    • Kashmiri Pulao

      160 CZK

      Rice tossed with diced vegetables & nuts finished off with aromatic Kashmiri herbs & cream

    • Saffron rice

      100 CZK

      Boiled basmati rice infused with saffron

    • Raitas

    • Mixed Raita

      75 CZK

      Lightly spiced yoghurt mixed with finely chopped vegetables & herbs

    • Pineapple Raita

      85 CZK
    • Breads

    • Plain Naan

      40 CZK

      Plain flour bread from the Tandoor

    • Garlic Naan

      50 CZK

      Plain flour bread infused with finely chopped garlic

    • Cheese Naan

      80 CZK

      Plain Flour bread with a generous stuffing of creamy cheese

    • Keema Naan

      90 CZK

      Plain flour bread stuffed with a mixture of minced lamb & herbs

    • Butter naan

      50 CZK

      Plain Flour bread layered with butter & served with melting butter on top

    • Lachha Paratha

      60 CZK

      Flaky wheat flour bread from the Tandoor

    • Methi Paratha

      60 CZK

      Flaky wheat flour bread flavoured with fenugreek leaves

    • Plain Roti

      40 CZK

      Whole wheat flour bread from the Tandoor

    • Bread Basket

      150 CZK

      An assortment of Roti, Lachha Paratha, Garlic Naan & Mixed Kulcha

    • Desserts

    • Choice of Ice cream

      120 CZK

      Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate

    • Gulab Jamun with Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

      120 CZK

      Deep fried cheese dumplings soaked in sugar syrup & served warm with vanilla ice cream on a bed of chocolate sauce

    • Moong Dal Halwa

      120 CZK

      Rich sweetened lentil pudding served with nuts

    • Phirni

      120 CZK

      Aromatic thickened rice pudding infused with saffron flavor

    • Chai Ki Kulfi

      120 CZK

      Indian masala tea flavoured homemade ice cream